Black Belt

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Program at JMU

A Six Sigma Black Belt Certification from JMU demonstrates to an employer that you are trained in advanced problem solving skills and the statistical tools needed to effectively lead process improvement. Six Sigma Black Belt certified individuals directly impact an organization’s bottom line. As one of the elite few who pursue this certificate, you will improve a team’s leadership skills, gain an advanced understanding of team dynamics, and competently assign team member roles and responsibilities with a Six Sigma Black Belt.  This is also a great time to learn from a master six sigma black belt certified instructor.

There is great value from attending our online lean six sigma black belt certification.  As a participant, you will have to complete a project in order to demonstrate that you can apply principles of a six sigma black belt.  Certification also requires passing a final exam as well.  These two components will help to demonstrate that you can effectively apply lean six sigma black belt concepts back at your respective company.  Aren’t sure if you will have a project idea for the class?  That’s okay because our instructor can help you to come up with a project for the class that could be a great tool to share with your employer.

A JMU Six Sigma Black Belt Certification will enable you to:

  • Implement Six Sigma philosophies and principles, including related systems and tools, and describe their impact on various organizational business processes
  • Recognize organization roadblocks and use change management techniques to manage change
  • Define benchmarking and utilize various financial and other business performance measures
  • Identify customer requirements and describe the impact that Six Sigma projects can have on various types of customers
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the elements of a project charter and use various tools to track project progress
  • Demonstrate basic understanding of data collection techniques, process elements, and process analysis tools
  • Perform hypothesis testing and analyze their results
  • Plan design of experiments and analyze their results Develop control plans and use various tools to maintain and sustain improvements
  • Assign team members roles and responsibilities

Online Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Requirements:

1.  Your Green Belt Certification
2.  General proficiency in using computer software
3.  Access to the internet (preferably high-speed)

Our JMU Six Sigma students are professionals who live and work in the Virginia and DC surrounding area to take our hybrid online/in-classroom program. Enroll now for JMU’s online non-credit Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate program. Or view the on-demand informational video!