Green Belt — DMAIC Process

JMU Six Sigma Green Belt Program

How will a Green Belt help me?

With Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification, you will be prepared to support organizational change through project management, communication, and technical process improvement. After earning your Six Sigma Green Belt certification from JMU, you will be able to quantify deliverables to an organization in terms of cost, quality, cycle time, or safety improvements.

JMU’s non-credit online Six Sigma Green Belt certificate program employs the DMAIC (“deh-MAY-ick”) framework to help you undertake systematic improvement activity in your business processes:

  • Define: A project begins with a problem requiring a solution. Ensure everyone involved with the project knows their role, the nature of the problem, and the project’s mission.
  • Measure: The work completed in the Define stage is based on identification of the problem. During the Measure stage, you must quantify/qualify the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the current work process(es.)
  • Analyze: With a clearer picture provided by the Define and Measure steps, it’s time to examine and interpret the facts uncovered, and thus identify the root of your problem.
  • Improve: Brainstorm, and then ultimately select the most appropriate solution to your problem. Apply your solution to test its effectiveness.
  • Control: Maintain the project’s improvements by drafting the new solution’s control plan.

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