Green Belt

JMU Six Sigma Green Belt Program

How will a Green Belt help me?

With Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification you will be prepared to support organizational change through project management, communication, and technical process improvement. After earning your Six Sigma Green Belt Certification from JMU, you will be able to quantify deliverables to an organization in terms of cost, quality, cycle time or safety improvements.

JMU’s non-credit online Six Sigma Green Belt certificate program employs the DMAIC framework to help you undertake improvement activity in your business processes in a systematic way.
As a student in the Green Belt online program, you will learn the DMAIC process which includes:

  • Define: Projects start with a problem that needs solving. Make sure everyone involved knows their role, why you’re doing the project and what you’re trying to achieve with the project.
  • Measure: The work you’ve done in the Define stage is based on what you think the problem is. During the Measure stage you need to clarify things by seeing how the work gets done and how well.
  • Analyze: Now you know what’s happening, it’s time to find out why, but don’t jump to conclusions. Manage by fact to check out the possible causes and get to the root cause.
  • Improve: Okay; you know about the process and the problem, and the Improve stage is where you need to find a way to address the root cause, so come up with some ideas, select the best one and test it out.
  • Control: You need to ensure you achieve and maintain the improvements you’re looking for. Putting a control plan in place helps ensure the process is carried out consistently.
  • This can be of great value to your employer because earning your six sigma green belt shows you are at the top of your game.  Impress your company with your new skills to improve business processes and reduce errors.

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